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The best tool to generate more business and gain new clients.

Fast Results

The main functionality of a landing page is to collect contact information. We create them with that simple goal in mind. Our planned out layout uses methods that guarantee that you get constant fresh leads.

Quick Setup

Our extensive previous experiences have helped us to create a super-efficient workflow. M101 developers follow a plan that lets us create a working page in a week.

Lead Magnets

We use different marketing tools like quizzes and email sign-up forms to collect emails. These methods help to create a customer base for future re-marketing.


Landing pages are simple and easily understandable pages that allow us to decrease the development costs to the minimum. Fewer expenses mean a faster turnaround.

A powerful business strategy to fuel growth.

Brand Awareness

The goal is to explain your business in the most broken down and efficient way possible. We use simple and intuitive website blocks to tell your story in a visual way.

Free Organic Traffic

Google can be a powerful tool in generating new business for your company. We specialize in Search Engine Optimisation so more clients can find you with a simple search.

Powerful Marketing Tool

A business page can also be used to expand your business reach. By combining different tools like web notifications and cookies you can target already interested customers.

Always working

Imagine an employee that works 24/7 and won't ask for a raise. No, not robots but an app that can achieve the same results will definitely cost less.presence.

A digital solution for those who want to sell online.

Profit Increasing Strategy

We specialize in creating an “Amazon-like” checkout process that increases sales. This strategy has been a key success aspect of our previous projects that have significantly increased profitability.


Having a website without traffic is pointless. Our marketing team works hand in hand with the programmers so your website will be ready to convert fresh leads into happy customers.

Business Automatisation

An advanced management system allows you to simplify your workflow by creating automation for stock, shipping, or communication functions. This also will decrease business expenses.

Brand Development

Creating a seamless customer experience can increase the customer satisfaction rate. This leads to brand recognition and more profit in the long term.

With enough coffee, we will make anything you need.

Anything, really...

Not sure if your project fits into any of the previous categories. Don’t worry, we got you covered. Our programmers have found amazing solutions for custom projects. Web apps, modules, applications, or anything else, we’ve seen it before and we guarantee that we’ll find the best fitting solution for you. For these types of projects contacts us directly.

Be a head of your competitors

Unique solutions help you to stand out from your competition. Using a different approach to a problem will set you up to be a leader in your industry.


Developing a custom idea gives you headroom to be flexible in creating and launching a new business, product or a service.

Unique functions

Have a startup idea that sounds impossible? With design thinking at our core we embrace challenges and have extensive experience of putting complex ideas into code.

Cost calculation

This tool will help you find out the approximate cost of your future project. Answer a few questions and we will be able to form a preliminary cost estimate for you.

Commonly Asked Questions

How long does it take to build a website?

It all depends on your wants an needs but this is the average time it usually takes our team to finish a project:

  • A landing page: 1 week+
  • A business page: 2 weeks+
  • An e-commerce store: 4 weeks+

*These times are for base functions. More complex functions and a unique design will take additional time.

Should I work with an agency or freelancer?

If your budget is too small , you can find a freelancer. But there are some issues you can run into:

  • Freelancers usually underestimate the project and overestimate their abilities.
  • One person can't be an expert in design, programming, marketing and business.
  • They prefer not to take risks and play it safe.

What can an agency give to your project:

  • A team can give you great advice for a solution or generate ideas.
  • Reputation is everything to an agency so they will always preform at their best
What is the best solution for an eCommerce store?

If you want to test an idea, a startup or a small eCommerce shop you can start with Shopify, Wordpress, Prestashop, etc...

But if you have an already running business then we recommend Magento, opencart or creating a custom solution.

You have to keep in mind that creating something custom for these large platforms will cost extra. Depending on the desired outcome adding modules, plugins or coding custom solutions can go into 3 to 5 figures. By crunching the numbers, over a couple of years coding a custom website will be cheaper than monthly payments on services and plugins.

Should I trust to somebody to buy a domain for me?

A website domain is intellectual property. Trusting the purchase procedure to a third party might cause problems in the future over ownership of the domain. We recommend our clients to buy the domains on their own.

What are the monthly costs of maintnancing a website?

Monthly costs can add up from the additional plugin/service subscriptions you use on your website and the server costs. Technical support is recommended to keep the website up to date - update all the plugins and install any additional updates. If the webpage is used as an informative tool technical support expenses are expected to be really low.

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